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Partners and associates

Municipality of Massafra

The promoter of the Massafra World Library project is the Municipality of Massafra, which has always placed particular focus on the enhancement of the cultural heritage and to welcoming all development opportunities for a territory that is eager to emerge and to have its own potential and unexpressed wealth appreciated.

Terre delle Gravine

Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities

Ministry of Tourism

As partners of the following entities, we support the project:

Lions Club Massafra- Mottola "Le Cripte"
Leo Club Massafra-Mottola “Le Cripte”

Massafra Lions Club – Mottola “Le Cripte”

The club was founded in 1992 by 34 founding friends of Massafra, Mottola and Taranto. Today it has 59 ordinary members and 2 honorary members. The Lions club has created and participated in a huge number of local, regional and international services, relating to cultural enhancement and promotion, social interaction, support for the family, the disabled and the elderly.

Leo Club Massafra-Mottola “Le Cripte”

Università Popolare delle Gravine Ioniche (People’s University of Gravine Ioniche)

Non-political, non-profit voluntary cultural association, non-commercial entity.
Through planning, it contributes to the creation of an integrated lifelong education system. It is a member of UNIEDA “Italian Union of Adult Education”. Association with headquarters in Rome, operating at national level to promote the individual and social growth of the people.

Fed. Italiana delle Donne nelle Arti, Professioni e Affari

Italian Federation of Women in Arts, Professions and Business

(FIDAPA – BPW Italy)
Its purpose is to promote, coordinate and support the initiatives of women working in the field of arts, professions and business.

Unione Italiana di Educazione degli Adulti


Italian Union of Adult Education
Association with headquarters in Rome, operating at national level to promote the individual and social growth of the people.

Council of the Associations of Massafra

This is an instrument to promote conscious participation in city life by associations and movements registered in the Municipal Register.

The Mentorship

Monsignor Cosimo Damiano Fonseca, on a voluntary basis with scientific contribution, born in Massafra in 1932 and ordained priest in 1954 at the age of 22 with papal dispensation. Church historian, teacher with rare intellectual and moral abilities, point of reference for many scholars, he made his teaching a service to the community.

Sorriso Francescano – Onlus (non-profit organisation)

This is an association operating in the social sector, in the context of hardship and marginalisation.

Federmanager Puglia, delegazione di Taranto

Federmanager Puglia. Taranto Delegation

This is an association that is more representative of the management world. It has 57 branches and carries out educational cultural and networking initiatives.

Istituti scolastici “De Ruggieri” e “Mondelli”

Istituto d’Istruzione Secondaria Superiore “Mondelli” (Senior Secondary School)

The two main schools have embraced the initiative with great enthusiasm in the interest of their students, future users of the Community Library.