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Corso formativo “Filosofia e Psicanalisi”

//Corso formativo “Filosofia e Psicanalisi”


We inform you that, from 01/03/2022, the training courses organized by the Popular University of the Ionian Gravine will be held, with the theme “Philosophy and Psychoanalysis”. The courses, held by Dr. Martucci, will take place at the World Library and will follow the following dates and times:

01-03-2022 h 16.00-17.30

08-03-2022 h 16.00-17.30

03-15-2022 h 16.00-17.30

22-03-2022 h 16.00-17.30

03-29-2022 h 16.00-17.30

26-04-2022 h 16.00-17.30

03-05-2022 h 16.00-17.30

10-05-2022 h 16.00-17.30

05-17-2022 h 16.00-17.30

05-24-2022 h 16.00-17.30

Please note that access is allowed only to GreenPass holders